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Patricia Erbelding

Exhibits with Dhalgren Gallery

  • "Prints" - Dec 2012
  • "Phasmes" - Apr 2011
  • "The Ghost Lemur of William S. Burroughs" - Mar 2010
  • "Dreamlands" - May 2005
  • "Studios" - Apr 2003
  • "Borderlands " - Apr 2002
  • "Clouds and Days " - Feb 1999
  • "Lost Bodies " - Jan 1998
  • "Dipterous " - Dec 1996
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  • Patricia Erbelding was born in Paris, France. Patricia Erbelding’s first solo exhibition was at the Haut-Pavé Gallery in Paris in 1993. She is exhibiting around the world since 1991 including Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, USA and Europe and has participated in many artists’ books publication, working with writers and poets. Her artistic expression, with a core body of work in abstract painting, also includes other media and creative areas including photography and sculpture. The work proposes a vocabulary of signs and matter that explores the malleable nature of our visual perception by appropriating, decoding and re-interpreting external tensions and pressures. It’s an ever mutating painting, attached to a research into the medium subject to archetypes and imposed dogmas. An intimate language is developed, in a game of paradoxes and antitheses. Patricia Erbelding lives and works in Paris, France.pic